How It Works

Starts with the Simple Order Form


When you visit the home page of our website you will find an order button which leads you to the simple order form, where each field should be properly filled.


Our automated system will guide you at each step or if you have any difficulty, you can always contact our support member in live chat.


Make sure you fill all the necessary requirements as it is very important for our staff to process the order.


Go Through Easy Payment Process


We use PayPal service for payment process. We assure you that our payment process is highly confidential and secure.


Assignment to Writer


After you fill in the order form and get done with the payment process, our staff member will match the details and ensure all necessary compliance. After all the documentary process we will then find a suitable writer according to the subject of your paper and assign the task to them.


Proofreading and Editing Process


After writer has completed your paper to full and uploaded on the assignment portal, it is then checked and reviewed by our QA office where immaterial errors were spontaneously removed; whereas, if paper has material errors or contradiction with the clients specification then it will reverted back to writer for corrections.


After all the proofreading and editing work is done it is the uploaded to client’s personal dashboard from where client can pick the order.

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